freuently asked questions

Do you help with the budget?

YES! This is the first step we take is to create a budget; whether you know the exact amount of money you wish to invest in your wedding or just want an idea of what the cost will be, we break out the budget by category so we have a something to guide us along the way and keep the numbers in check

Will you help with the rehearsal dinner?
Yes, I can help you with simple rehearsal dinner plans and can direct you towards the vendors, venue and assist with basic planning. If the rehearsal dinner is a bigger production than just a dinner, the groom’s family will hire me and my team to plan this for a separate fee and treat this as a separate event in addition to the wedding day.
Do you attend our vendor meetings with us?

Absolutely! I will schedule all vendor meetings and attend these meetings with you so I can understand the scope of your wedding day, what your desires are and ask the questions you may not know to ask.

Will you direct the ceremony?

Yes! If you are getting married in a church, the church will typically have a coordinator to direct the ceremony although I always like to attend anyway; If you are getting married outside and/or at the venue where your reception is held I will be happy to direct your wedding ceremony and direct the rehearsal as well.

Will you provide a checklist of things to do?

I absolutely write up a checklist and break this down according to time and dates so you know exactly where we are in the planning process. The checklist will list things that you can be doing (shopping for bridesmaids gifts, hostess gifts, and gifts for your groom/bride) while I am working on my end with the vendors, design plans and contracts.

Do you attend the wedding?

Your wedding is extremely personal to me and I am personally there on-site throughout the entire event to make sure my team and I can execute your wedding day seamlessly and flawlessly.

Will you help us with invitation wording and design and wedding etiquette?

I am happy to help design all of your paper products so they all look cohesive. Typestyles, fonts, paper, and color are all part of your invitation suite design.

Will you help us with logistics and transportation?

Logistics is something that can be most frustrating and needs to be well thought out. I would love to help walk through the wedding day plans with logistics in mind to ensure your guests, bridal party, family and of course the bride and groom all have the proper transportation that best suits your needs. Timing of logistic is a huge part of planning this out too!

Will we do a final walk through before the wedding day?

Always! I would really love to gather the entire team and walk the venue so we can all talk about logistics, timeline, locations and exactly what is expected. This is a crucial part of putting all the final details together and everyone walks away feeling ready to go!

Do you charge a percentage or a flat fee?

As of right now, I charge a flat fee. I have considered a percentage rate and will continue to consider this in the future but a flat rate seems to work for me and my clients best. We all know what to expect and there are no surprises in the end. Trust is key!

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