Adrianne and Brad had visions of their wedding day in a romantic garden setting in Spring time.  The month of April in Alabama can allow for some beautiful weather with fresh greenery and flower buds ready to burst.  Not only was this Adrianne’s fairytale wedding day, it was also the Royal Wedding of Prince William to his bride Catherine, as you see on the TV screen in the background while Adrianne has her make up done.
Adrianne’s Mother was with her in spirit as she wore the same tierra from her Mother’s veil
Bride Adrianne is dressed and ready for her wedding day…
A moment with her beloved Mother who shared her daughter’s wedding day from heaven, Adrianne had her parents wedding pictures on the guest book table
Strolling through the gardens on a beautiful Alabama Spring day……
A beautiful bride at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham Alabama
One of my favorite images of bride Adrianne with her delicate hand and holding her gathered wildflower bouquet of lavenders and lilac by Carol Riley of Lillies
Father of the Bride is SO excited to see his daughter on her wedding day!
Groom Brad is ready to get married under that beautiful blue sky at the Botanical Gardens
Brad escorts his Mom to her seat and both could not resist stopping for a moment to smell the roses and cherish this experience
Adrianne and her Daddy are ready for their walk down the aisle
I love the look on this groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time… precious
This was such a small and intimite wedding for Adrianne and Brad…..exactly how they envisioned their wedding day to be….
A happy bridal party for our bride and groom
A long flowing wedding gown follows as this bride and groom take in the moments on their beautiful day..
A surprise for our groom,  Baxter the couple’s beloved dog, got his own collar and joined us at the Gardens for pictures
A true Royal Wedding Day was complete with a horse and carriage ride including Baxter the dog
Riding off to their reception
An elegant wedding lunch was the perfect way to celebrate this romantic morning wedding ceremony…Bride Adrianne celebrates with a glass of champagne
A quiet moment in the wine celler of the Veranda on Highland in Birmingham Alabama
Adrianne and Brad were a very private couple who only wanted a small luncheon and not too many formalities for their wedding reception.  Only to have their loved ones celebrate this special day with them.  At the end of the afternoon our DJ Geoff Carlisle with Jamm Entertainment invited all guests outside to see the bride and groom off to their honeymoon.  We knew this couple’s favorite song and caught a glimpse of them sharing this private moment before leaving.  Geoff slipped in and played their favorite song and this couple had a very special and very private “first dance” exactly how they would have wanted it.  Just the two of them……  Very sweet
Ready to begin their new life together
I love this image!
This wedding for Adrianne and Brad was a very special day;  not only because it was their wedding day, and not even that it was the same day as the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine, but because two days prior to this day Alabama experienced major damage from F5 tornadoes in both Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.  The damage to the city knocked out power for several days and roads were blocked with trees down and debris.  Our bride had no power as well and moved to a hotel which was also affected from the evenings storms, knocking out their power as well.  Bride Adrianne had such a positive attitude and only focused on marrying the man of her dreams that day and put all her trust in God and also her wedding team of vendors.  I can not stress enough how important it is to have a solid and professional team of wedding vendors for your wedding day and this team went above and beyond their contracted services to enable this day to happen flawlessly.  Several of our vendors had direct damage to their homes and vehicles but thier professionalism really came through and they did what they had to do to make sure this bride and groom had the wedding day of their dreams. 
Many many thank you’s go out to my team on this:  Carol Riley of Lillies Flowers, Jamm Entertainment – Geoff Carlisle, The Veranda on Highland, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and all these beautiful images are from Greg Hawkins of Studio G
Blessings….. Anita 🙂