Hi Friends!  Thank you for joining me on my blog today!  I recently collaborated with my dear friends at Cinepear and filmed a video series on several different topics for brides planning their wedding day.   The first video is probably one of my faves because it includes my own fur baby and I get to talk to you about having your fur babies with you on wedding day or at least included in your photos during either your engagement shoot, bridal shoot or a portion of your wedding day.  As a wedding planner in both the Birmingham Alabama area and Southern California area, these are by far my favorite moments so be sure to check out this video and enjoy some sweet cuteness overload with these fur babies.



Photos by Kelli and Daniel Taylor Photography

I am so all about having our little loves with you and love these fur babies so much!!  I will find a way to include these babies any time and any place regardless of whether the venues allow this or not (but don’t tell the venues I said this :-)) .  Venues often work with us on including our fur babies anyway and we rarely have any trouble having them on site with us.  There are a few things to think about though, especially while there are so many people wanting the attention of the bride and our babies may not understand what is happening on that day and need your attention as well.

Photos by Allison Lewis Photography

So here are 5 recommendations for you to consider on how to include your fur babies in any part of your wedding day.  I love seeing your posts of your own fur babies too so please tag me when you post on Instagram or Facebook!

Photo by Frank Carnaggio Photography


The Engagement

I love hearing the stories of how our grooms proposed to their brides (and in some cases brides proposing to their grooms!!) and some of my favorites are when the puppies or kitties are included in some way.  Dropping a pillow at their human’s feet, the ring on their nose or even wearing a little shirt popping the question.  Either way, this is so sweet and sure to melt her heart more than her groom already has!

Photos by Jerrod Brown Studios


Engagement or Bridal photos

If there is no way to include your fur babies on your wedding day at least have them take some pictures with you when you do your engagement shoot or bridal shoot.  Dress them up in cute little bow ties or bows, have them carry a sign saying something like “my humans are getting married” or just sit pretty with you.  These photos will be cherished fur-ever!!

Photos by Jerrod Brown Studios


Have your fur baby be the ring bearer

Puppies or other pets can be walked down the aisle right along with the bridal party as part of the processional depending on your venue, of course.  Include a sweet floral collar and tie the ring pillow to this as they walk.   This will be a highlight for sure!  If this still is not an option for the pets, maybe they can be around you and with you while you are getting ready that day, whether it be at your home or at the venue.  Ask permission first from your venue or hotel but this is a great way to have your babies around you in the first half of your wedding day before being taken back home where they can rest and feel safe and secure.

Photos by Du Castel Photography


Carry your fur babies down the aisle

Of course, I don’t mean YOU carry them down the aisle but a member of the bridal party can certainly be their escort especially if it is a pet that has to be caged such as a sweet rabbit or bird.  A small puppy or kitty would probably appreciate the lift as well and may make your sweet baby feel more secure with all the excitement happening around them.

Photos by Taylor Dane Photography


Have someone in charge of your fur babies

This is my most important tip of all – with so much excitement happening around you on the day of your wedding, your fur babies may be a little anxious or a bit nervous.  It’s best to appoint someone that your baby knows well to be the caregiver for the day.  This may be bringing the puppy or kitty on site for the photo shoot or the wedding day at a set time, staying there while all the activities are happening and then bringing them safely home for the remainder of the day.  Your fur babies may see you and get very excited and need your attention as well so it is always best to have someone care for these sweet babies so you are not worrying about them and they are safe and comfortable.

Photos by Kelli and Daniel Taylor Photography

I came across one of the most fun businesses on Instagram one day and love their concept.  Check out Furever and Fur Always . .  They developed a company to care for your fur babies on this most important day of your life!