Jackie and Jason dreamed of a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony with family and friends…..and what better evening to celebrate the union of two families then on New Year’s Eve!!  Can I just say how this was so much fun as a wedding planner!  I get to be with fabulous wedding friends on New Year’s Eve doing a job that I absolutely adore and celebrate the new year with families of these two special people, Jackie and Jason.  It was fabulous!!!  What a night!  It begins with this magnificent gown purchased in New York City.  It was a Cinderella shape with lots and lots of “bling”!
Our make up artist is Laura Eason and she begins the day doing the make up for our Matron of Honor and Sister of the Bride.
And our bride Jackie is starting with her hair by Angie with Fringe Salon
Hair and make up complete, Jackie opens gifts from her groom to wear on their wedding day
Time to get dressed!  Mom and Sister help bride Jackie zip and button her gown
Sisters having some fun!
On the balcony of the Tutwiler Hotel, Jackie is dressed and ready to go to the church
Groom Jason is dressed and ready at St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown Birmingham Alabama
Bride Jackie walks down the aisle to see her groom for the first time
Worth the wait!
Bride Jackie looking stunning
Jackie and her girls…..
The entire bridal party outside St. Paul’s Cathedral
Now this sweet little angel baby girl is London, the niece of the Bride here with Bride Jackie and London’s Momma and Sister of the Bride.   We were not quite sure if this sweet angel would keep her halo of flowers in hair but she was a trooper through the pictures.  Fell sound asleep for the ceremony!
We are about to lose the halo……..
And that’s about all baby London will take for one day…… she’s out and sleeping in her Daddy’s arms!
A sweet moment with her Daddy at the church
Probably one of THE most beautiful bridal bouquets I have ever seen!!  This gorgeous gathering of white roses, greenery and added touches of “bling” was created by the very talented Andy Hopper of KG Designs.  Absolutely breathtaking!
The sun is setting on this New Year’s Eve night
Beautiful white roses with Christmas Berries hold this elegant wedding program
Bride Jackie with her Daddy right before they take their long walk down this Cathedral aisle.
Off they go!!
The Cathedral was already dressed in Christmas decor with 4 Christmas Trees, candles and greenery leaving very little decorating to do for the wedding ceremony!
A gorgeous view inside the church during the ceremony
Guests are greeted to the reception with this elegant guest book table with lots of “bling” for the New Year!
A look at our ballroom dressed with blue uplighting and abstracts on the ceiling, candle light and an elegant display of delightful food for dinner catered by Kathy G & Company
Right outside the ballroom, we created a lounge area for guests continuing the blue uplighting, lots of candle light and elegant throw pillows hand made by the bride creating a cozy atmosphere for a wonderful party
A table overflowing with noise makers, party hats and strands of pearls are just waiting for guests to dig in to ring in the New Year!
This beautiful and festive display was created by our floral designer Andy Hopper of KG Designs of Kathy G & Company
A fabulous ice sculpture dripping with fresh fruit of ripe red strawberries, grapes, raspberries and melons
One of three centerpiece designs by Andy Hopper of KG Designs
A simple and elegant look on some of the guest tables
A taller display adds decor to our food display table featured down the center of the ballroom
A beautiful and sparkly six layer bride’s cake created by Jan O’Donnell of Cakes by Jan in Birmingham Alabama.  This gorgeous cake sits atop what our design team and Andy Hopper calls our “ghost” table made of clear glass cylinder legs, glass table top, clear glass lifts on top of the glass top with another piece of glass holding the actual cake.  A beautiful and elegant display!

A first dance for this New Year’ Eve bride and groom
A dance with her Daddy
Such a fun couple, Jason “hams” it up for his bride!
It’s time for this New Year’s Eve party to begin!!!!
Noise makers in hand and hats on….. we are almost ready for midnight!
Bride Jackie throws her bouquet as midnight come near..
Groom Jason has a bit of a “solo” for his bride before he takes off the garter..
…..and there it goes!!!
Almost ready to count it down…..
…  Ten….Nine…..Eight……
“Happy New Year!” shines in lights on the patio outside the ballroom
Bride Jackie and Groom Jason made their exit right after midnight with streams of sparkly ribbon and confetti
A magical evening for this happy couple!!!!  Happy New Year!!!
Many many thanks goes out to this team of wedding professionals.  I say this all the time, but the people I get to work with in this business are truly the very best because of their talents and passion for what they do and for their clients.  Thank you to Kathy Mezrano, owner of Kathy G & Company for the elaborate catering, Andy Hopper with KG Designs for all of the amazing floral designs and decor, Andy Tolar with Design Productions LLC for the fabulous lighting designs and snow display, Clay Carroll of Carroll Productions for a fabulous video production of the evening, Anita Maniscalco of In White Weddings for all of these gorgeous and amazing images, Jan O’Donnell of Cakes by Jan, Laura Eason for Make up, Angie with Fringe Salon for Hair and The Tutwiler Hotel for all the excellent accommodations!  Thank you all so much!
Jackie’s vision was to have a winter fantasy-type atmosphere for her guests;  very elegant and inviting and definitely a “party” feeling to bring in the New Year.  The ballroom itself was basically a blank slate and we brought in blue up-lighting and abstract lighting to enhance the decor.  We had lots of candle light and dimmed the house lights down to create a fantasy glow through out the space.  At midnight, we had a snow machine blowing snow through out the ballroom to bring in the New Year as guests cheered.  
A fabulous way to bring in the New Year!!